Tools for Life

Tools for Life with Adrenal Disease

ACTH Stimulation Test (pdf) The basic ACTH stimulation test for Addison’s disease.
Addison’s Disease Support Group
04-06-14 (PowerPoint)
Arlt Approach to adrenal insufficiency
JCEM 2009 (pdf)
Chrousos 2014 Lancet Adrenal Insufficiency (pdf)
Husebye Adrenal Insufficiency, Journal of Internal Medicine-2013 (pdf)
Quinkler, Adrenal Insufficiency,
Clinical Endocrinology 2012 (pdf)
Addison’s disease: Braithwaite Powerpoint presentation and reference articles
Addison’s Disease – Alert Flyer (pdf) Signs, symptoms and emergency room treatment protocal.
Addison’s Disease – Polish Translation (pdf) Information on Addison’s Disease in Polish.
Addison’s Disease – Spanish Translation (pdf) Information on Addison’s Disease in Spanish.
Adrenal Antibody Test (pdf) The best antibody test for Addison’s disease is the anti-21 hydroxylase test.
Adrenal Crisis (pdf) What is an Adrenal crisis?
Adrenal Disorders (Internet TV) Orange County TV, Healthy Connections. Must watch for adrenal disorders
“Adrenal fatigue” is not a recognized medical
Read the explanation.
Adrenal Hormones Cortisone Medication Information.
Athletes (pdf) A compilation for athletes with adrenal insufficiency.
Adrenal Hormone Replacement protocol (pdf) Information on hormone replacement medications.
Calcium and Bone Health (pdf) Calcium and Bone handout for adrenal insufficient patients.
Cancer Treatment and Adrenal Insufficiency (pdf) Chemotherapy and radiation treatment of cancer for adrenal insufficient patients.
Cardiac and Adrenal Insufficiency (pdf) A compilation of NADF Medical Director Dr.Paul Margulies’ Q and A items.
Clearing Cortisol Before ACTH Testing (pdf) Safely clearing cortisol-type hormone replacement or supraphysiological dosing using dexamethasone for accurate ACTH (Cortrosyn) stimulation test.
Colonoscopy protocol (pdf) Information before you test for adrenal insufficient patients.
Cortisol Weaning (pdf) A compilation of information on weaning off of cortisol.
DHEA Handout (pdf) Information on dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).
Diet (pdf) A compilation of information on diet.
FDA MedWatch Program Clinical information about safety issues involving drugs and other medical products regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Reports of product problems and adverse events can be filed through MedWatch.
Flight Injectable Meds (pdf) Information from Southwest Airlines on injectable medications.
Flu Shots (pdf) A compilation on Flu shots.
Fludrocortisone Acetate (pdf) Information from NADF’s Medical Director, Dr. Margulies on fludrocortisone acetate.
Fludrocortisone Acetate – Secondaries (pdf) Information from NADF’s Medical Director, Dr. Margulies on secondary
adrenal insufficient patients and fludrocortisone acetate.
Electrolyte Advise (pdf) A compilation on Electrolytes and adrenal insufficient patients.
Emergency Care Sheet This Emergency Care Sheet is a document we distribute to emergency care
personnel that may encounter an Addisonian – one that may or may not be diagnosed yet.
Emergency Contact & Identification Medic Alert and other Emergency Information Tools.
NIH Crisis Injection Pictorial (pdf) Crisis care injection pictorial for adrenal insufficient patients.
Courtesy of The National Institutes of Health.
Emergency Steroid Injections (pdf) A step by step on how to do an emergency steroid injection.
Hydration Keep Your Cool & Keep Healthy.
Hyperaldosteronism (pdf) Information from NADF’s Medical Director, Dr. Margulies on Hyperaldosteronism.
Injectable Warnings (pdf) Information and warnings on injectables.
Medic Alert Engraving (pdf) What should we ask to have engraved on our Medic Alert Emblem?
Medication Bioequivalency (pdf) Some words of explanation of bioequivalency from NADF’s Medical Director, Dr. Margulies.
My Life with Addison’s Disease (Youtube) The personal story of Lindy, who offers some important information along
with insights into struggling with Addison’s disease.
Shingles Vaccine (pdf) Information for adrenal insufficient patients and Shingles.
Solu-Cortef Notice (pdf) Information from Pfizer, the manufacturer of Solu-Cortef.
Supporting Teens with Adrenal Disease Developing a chronic illness during the teenage years can be challenging
for the teenager and their parents.
Steroid Injections Be prepared to give Emergency Steroid Injections.
Stress Dosing (pdf) Dr. Paul Margulies’ Guidelines Regarding Cortisol Stress Dosing for Adrenal Insufficient Patients.
Surgery Protocol (pdf) Dr. Paul Margulies’ surgery protocol for Adrenal Insufficient Patients.
The Face of Addison’s Disease (YouTube) This is an awareness video published by LWA Support Group
Time released Medication (pdf) Information on time released hydrocortisone development.
Travel (pdf) A compilation on travel and adrenal insufficient patients.
Undiagnosed Diseases (pdf) NIH Launches Undiagnosed Diseases Program.
Woman and Adrenal Disease (pdf) Information just for women who are adrenal insufficient.