Tributes & Memorials

In memory of Phillip Hobt

Phillip Hobt was only 52 years old when he died during an Addison’s Crisis in April of 2017. I had no idea how serious Addison’s Disease is; that it could take his life overnight. I don’t believe any of Phil’s family knew. After reading all of the tributes and memorials on these pages, I realize we are not alone.

Phil’s Addison’s Disease went undiagnosed for many years. He suffered and nearly died until a doctor finally caught it in 2003. At that point, he was less than 100 pounds, severely depressed, had no energy, and could barely eat. We had no idea what was wrong with him. He had no idea himself what was wrong.

After his diagnosis, things improved greatly. His spirits lifted, his health returned, and he was strong again. He knew whenever he had a “normal to us” virus, he would need to go in to the doctor to adjust his treatment. He lived a fairly normal life. He was a runner and enjoyed competing in the Peachtree Run and other races. He traveled, hiked, and let his kayak take him out for runs on the Chattahoochee River. He lived well, and seemingly healthy for almost 14 years.

A couple of weeks before he died, he wasn’t feeling great. He thought it was just a stomach virus. He took medicine to treat the symptoms and thought he was getting over it. He died very unexpectedly soon after.

The lesson we learned too late is that it takes the awareness of family and friends, as well as great knowledge on the patient’s part, to keep someone ahead of the disease. Nothing is too minor to attend to. Never ignore a symptom. A simple bout of nausea is no simple matter. We urge you to learn as much about these diseases if you have a loved one in your life that faces this struggle.

We will forever miss our brother. We know that he is safe with God and has no more pain.

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In memory of Justin Tyler Hensley

Justin Tyler Hensley was born August 17, 1987. He passed away from complications of Addison’s disease Sunday, October 30, 2016, at only 29 years of age. JT is survived by his parents David and Susan Hensley, Grandparents Dallas and Virginia, Bill and Wanda, three brothers, Deric, Chad and Taylor, Aunt Rhonda, Uncles Tim and Paul, one nephew Dayton, and nine cousins.

JT led a very active and athletic life. He excelled in baseball, soccer, roller hockey and wrestling. He was a standout among the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets and was honored to be selected as the guidon bearer for the most physically demanding platoon. He was, under normal conditions, a very strong and healthy young man. Ultimately he may have put too much stock in his own strength.

A few years ago, JT was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease. While he was disappointed to learn that he would have to take medication for the rest of his life, he was able to function normally when he faithfully took his medication. But, he wasn’t always faithful and when he didn’t take the medication as he should, he would struggle. He would have difficulty sleeping, and then difficulty waking up, and at times he would be nauseous. He began to believe that this was going to be a “new normal” – that from time to time he would have periods where he would be sick.

A few weeks before he passed, JT began again to struggle. He lost weight and his complexion was pale. He became sick to his stomach and was vomiting. His mother took him to the emergency room and even though she told the doctors of his condition, they felt that he was just suffering from the flu and dehydration. They put him on an IV and he got better for about a week. Then he began to have trouble sleeping again and bouts of nausea. Friends and family tried to get him to see a doctor. He left work at noon on a Friday saying he was sick to his stomach. He spent some time with friends on Saturday and then Saturday night he lay down to sleep and didn’t wake up. Nobody understood that he was in that kind of danger. Even JT apparently didn’t realize how serious his condition had become.

Justin’s family is understandably heartbroken. Their only wish at this time is that no other family should ever have to suffer this kind of loss. If you suffer from Addison’s Disease or have a friend or family member that has been diagnosed, PLEASE make sure you fully understand the symptoms and progress of an Addison’s crisis. You must know that this condition can be FATAL if not treated with care and vigilance.

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In memory of Jason Dale Top

Jason Dale Top, 41, of Akron, IA passed away December 25, 2015 at Unity Point Medical Center, Sioux City, IA, after a ten year battle with undiagnosed Addison ’s disease. He was born May 5, 1974 in Denver, CO to James and Arlene (Van Bruggen) Top. He grew up in Orange City, IA and attended Unity Christian High School, graduating in 1992. He married Christine Mills and became the father to Cole on October 18, 2003. He currently worked at Vander Kooi Trucking. He was always a trucker at heart and loved his job. He enjoyed fishing, working on cars, amateur go-kart racing and yelling at the Denver Broncos.

The words of Jason’s son, Cole, spoken at his funeral:
“There are a few things that I remember about my father, traits about him I am most fond of. The first is that my dad was a content man. Content with his simple life. You see he didn’t need a big fancy, well…anything to be happy. All he ever wanted was what he had. He was also a generous man and a very humble man. He would give you the shirt off his back and not tell a soul about it. My dad was also stubborn; some would say that this isn’t a good character trait, however on some levels I disagree. The level of stubbornness that I am talking about here is that he wouldn’t quit, wouldn’t give up, even though throughout most of his life the chips were stacked against him. Especially later in his life.

You see my dad had Addison’s disease, something that we finally discovered a few days before his death. And something that we found out had slowly been killing him for the last 9 years or so. Addison’s is a disease that takes a lot away from a person: their energy, a healthy body, and a normal life. The disease took a lot away from our family, took a lot away from my dad. But’s that’s not what we are going to remember, at least that’s not what I’m going to remember. I’m not going to remember how a disease changed my dad, I’m going to remember my dad, how he truly was. Before all this.”

Survivors include his wife, Christine (Mills), son, Cole (Mills), mother and step-father, Arlene and Bob Feekes, sister, Jodi Top, and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Jason was loved deeply and will be missed every day of the rest of our lives.

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In memory of David Monstein

David, passed away peacefully at home on March 9, 2016, at the age of 53. He was diagnosed many years ago and bravely faced a multitude of challenges associated with Addison’s Disease. For those of you that knew him personally, you know that he fought a long courageous battle. For those of you who only knew him through me, you probably know that his journey was difficult. I have never seen such courage and determination in a person. I will forever strive to emulate that. My heart is heavy but I hope to find peace in knowing he is no longer suffering.

In honor of David, please consider a donation to the National Adrenal Disease Foundation (NADF). Through your support of David, further research can be done to improve diagnosis and treatment of this and other autoimmune diseases.

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Mary Elizabeth GallowayIn memory of Mary Elizabeth Galloway

Mary Elizabeth Galloway, 11-3-54 – 3-14-14. She was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease in 1998 and fought a very long and courageous battle with it. She was married to the love of her life, Ronny Galloway. She had two sons, Ray (daughter in law Laurie) and Reggie, with two grand children Zane and Lynnley Rae.

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Cristopher Michael CastetterIn memory of Cristopher Michael Castetter

Cristopher Michael Castetter, age 29, of Millersburg, IN passed away on Friday, January 03, 2014 from complications of Addison’s Disease. He was born on May 6, 1984. Cris graduated from Westview High School in 2003, and was working at Elkhart Plastics. He was a member of Topeka Methodist Church and enjoyed playing video games, activities at the lake, Notre Dame sports, and also followed University of Kentucky basketball. Cris was known and loved for his carefree and easygoing spirit. Slow to anger and quick to forgive were qualities that were appreciated by all who knew him. He never worried about tomorrow and lived each day in the moment. Cris was deeply loved by his family and will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Surviving are his mother, Donna (John) Reese of Elkhart, his father Kit (Kim) Castetter of Millersburg; a son, Daemien Bianski of Huntertown, six siblings, Kevin (Heidi) Castetter of Millersburg, Kelli (Mitchell) McDonald of Albion, Morgan and Aubrey Leonard of Millersburg, Tex (Tina) Reese of West Chester, OH, Vanessa (Jeff) Niewiadomski of Parrish, FL; also surviving are grandparents, Harry and Stana Castetter of Millersburg, Herb and Linda Bergman of Wolcottville; three nephews, Kyler, Karsten, Cameron and a niece, Olivia.

Our family hopes this tribute will serve two purposes. The first is to honor Cris’ memory for all of the ways he touched our lives. Words cannot express the profound sadness and loss we feel nor can they begin to describe the pure joy and happiness he brought to our lives. The second hope is that this tribute will serve as a testimonial to others with Addison’s disease. The spirit that Cris possessed, while endearing in many ways, ultimately led to his death. Cris didn’t take seriously or worry about taking his medications, an Addison’s crisis, wearing a Medical Alert bracelet, or planning for sickness/injury. If one person with Addison’s disease sees themselves in this scenario and is prompted to make changes that could be life saving for them, our hope will have been realized.

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Mary Mathilda SledgeIn memory of Mary Mathilda (Moreland) Sledge

Mary Mathilda (Moreland) Sledge of Choctaw passed from this life into the Kingdom of God Sunday morning, November 17, 2013. Born November 7, 1934, Mary had just celebrated her 79th birthday.

Family was Mary’s greatest joy: husband of 59 years, Thomas Walker Sledge; Children Dale (DeAnne) and Elizabeth (Mike); seven grandchildren and one great granddaughter. She was tirelessly devoted to her family and will be dearly missed.

Mary was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease in 1982 and bravely faced a multitude of challenges associated with this disease. Her family would like to thank the many health-care professionals who gently cared for Mary over the years. In honor of Mary, the family is requesting memorials be made in lieu of flowers to the National Adrenal Diseases Foundation, Through your support of Mary, further research can be done to improve diagnosis and treatment of these rare auto-immune diseases.

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In memory of Nicole Leah Brown

Nicole Leah Brown, age 36, passed away in her home on September 15th. Nicole was born in Dayton, Ohio and graduated from Northmont High School in 1995. Before becoming ill, Nicole pursued her passion for nursing and helping others, working at Miami Valley Hospital as a nursing assistant. She poured her loving and generous heart into her family and friends and despite her illness did all she could to put others first at any cost. Nikki’s unique sense of humor and inspiring strength will continue to touch the lives of her friends and family long after her passing. Nicole suffered with Addison’s, Cushing’s, Hashimoto, COPD and numerous auto immune diseases for many years, being misdiagnosed and mistreated due to the medical field’s lack of knowledge and treatment of such rare diseases. It is our hope to raise awareness and educate others who have the challenge of facing and dealing with auto-immune diseases. Our family is so grateful for your support and donation to this foundation. We feel that it is a wonderful way to honor Nicole’s life that was cut tragically short by these destructive diseases.

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PJ RileyIn memory of Phyllis Riley

Phyllis was born in Middleton Ohio on October 28, 1932. She went home to the Lord on January 23, 2013 after a brave, endless battle with multiple illnesses including Addison’s Disease. Phyllis tirelessly devoted all of her adult life to her family; she was a loving Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. Never too busy to lend a hand or an ear when needed, you could always count on Phyll to tell things the way they were, usually with a smile. She enjoyed pets, horticulture, antiquing and ice cream. Phyllis is preceded in death by her mother Dora; husband Walter, Brother Bob and son Mike. She is survived by her children; Steve (Sandy), Phillip (Janet), David (Melissa), Linda (Brad) and Susan. Grandchildren: Angie (Mark), Matt, Dirk (Natalie), Chris, Ben, Rachel, Nick A., Nick S., Jacob, Hannah, Luke, and Great Grandchild Dietrich. As well as an endless amount of relatives, friends, and acquaintances. She will be greatly missed and thought of always.

Phyllis will be laid to rest in her home state of Ohio at Rose Hill Cemetery.

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Pauline BaxterIn memory of Pauline Baxter

Pauline Baxter, self diagnosed in the late 1980s, died January 11, 2013 at the age of 73 from multiple complications from Addison’s Disease. Through her 20+ years fighting this disease, we have found it difficult and challenging to find family practice doctors in small rural America that have the awareness and education to treat and manage this life threatening illness. Through constant research and doctors, she was able to finally find a specialist to manage her disease. Through your prayers and contributions, her story like many unknown can be told for awareness and any thoughtful contributions will allow the NADF to spread critical information to patients, family and friends like you.

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Juanita WilliamsIn memory of Juanita Williams

Juanita had Addison’s for 50+ years. She passed away on Sunday, April 8th, 2012.

1934 – 2012 Born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, died in Sulphur Springs, Texas from complications of Addison’s Disease following a long and courageous battle, leaving a loving family. Husband, Donald Williams, children, Leslie Patterson and Bill, Jeffrey Williams and Dawn, Kenneth Williams and Roxanne, and Greg and Susie Lu; grandchildren, Jonathan, Jennie and Andrew Patterson, Keith, Scott and Luke Williams, Jennifer and Jasmine Lu, and Alec Jamar; sisters, Willie Ash, Willean and husband Le Hornbeck, brother Neely Denton and wife Nancy; sisters in law, Cynthia and husband Mike Haynsworth, and Yvonne Denton. She loved her numerous relatives, nieces, nephews, cousins and their children. Preceded in death by parents, Willard Denton, Sr., and Beulah May Hackett Denton, of Thayer, Missouri, and brothers, Willard Jr., and Charles.

Juanita was a life long member of the Baptist Church. She lived in Thayer, Missouri throughout high school, became a journeyman typesetter until moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1954. An adventuresome woman, she drove alone to Alaska from Oklahoma over the Alcan Highway in 1955 where she met Donald and with him established their first home, returning in 1968 to assist in managing the family business while raising their children. Subsequently, she was employed by Baylor College of Dentistry until retiring to Sulphur Springs where she and Don lived on the family farm. Juanita’s family and many friends remember an angel of light — a loving woman of kindness, wisdom, compassion, and generosity who lived an exemplary Christian life, always putting Donald and her children ahead of every other interest.

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JanellIn memory of Janell Rae Hewitt

A Tribute to my Sister, Janell Rae Hewitt

Janell, or “Nellie” as we all called her, completed our family when she was born June 19, 1964, the baby of the family. Please click here for the full tribute. Complications from the Addison’s Disease, along with other underlying conditions, took her from us on August 28, 2011, at the young age of 47 years.

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christieIn memory of Christie Marie Williams

Christie, at the age of 23, passed away on March 3, 2009 in her San Jose home. Her death was related to Addison’s Disease, which she was diagnosed with last June. Read the Euology.

Thank you for your generous donations to the Christie M. Williams Race for Awareness. Together we raised over $8,000! See the race results here.

Jamie Williams’ 2010 Wine and Chocolate Fundraiser in Honor and Memory of her dear Sister Christie
With over 100 in attendance, which included such notaries as retired San Francisco 49er Wide Receiver Dwight Clark, and silent auction items such as a signed picture, CD and harmonica from Huey Lewis, a signed football from Dwight Clark, volleyball signed by Kerri Walsh (Olympics winner), a hockey stick signed by members of the 2009-2010 Sharks team, and a jersey signed by the 2008/2009 Sharks team, Jamie Williams’ Wine & Chocolate Fundraiser was a great success, raising an astounding $6,235.03 for NADF and adrenal patients!

Jamie hopes “to see everyone out there next year…whatever event I end up putting together. And thank you for celebrating Christie and helping her memory live on.”

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howryIn memory of Stephen Michael Howry

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