Emergency ID & Medical Information

Emergency Treatment Information

In addition to wearing a medical ID and/or subscribing to MedicAlert, having instructions with you for emergency treatment may save your life. Many doctors, hospitals and emergency responders have never treated a person with Addison’s or other adrenal diseases.

You can print these basic emergency treatment instructions for you and your support persons to hand to caregivers in case of emergency.

Please keep in mind that medication and treatment protocols might differ slightly in your country of residence from the United States, and care should be taken when using U.S. informational hand-outs for reference.

Adrenal Insufficiency – Emergency Treatment Instructions – English – PDF File

Whatʼs to be done with the attached emergency care cover letter and instruction sheets?

Adrenal Insufficiency – Emergency Treatment Instructions – French – PDF File

Adrenal Insufficiency – Emergency Treatment Instructions – German – PDF File

Adrenal Insufficiency – Emergency Treatment Instructions – Italian – PDF File

Adrenal Insufficiency – Emergency Treatment Instructions – Polish – PDF File

Adrenal Insufficiency – Emergency Treatment Instructions – Portuguese – PDF File

Adrenal Insufficiency – Emergency Treatment Instructions – Spanish – PDF File

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Do you wear a Medic Alert ID? All those with adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease, secondary adrenal insufficiency, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, adrenoleukodystrophy, adrenomyeloneuropathy, familial glucocorticoid deficiency, congenital adrenal hyPOplasia) should be wearing a medical identification that states their condition and provides information the reader will need in an emergency should you be found unconscious or incoherent. We recommend the following words be engraved on back of patient’s medic identification emblems:


MedicAlert® Foundation has been providing emergency medical information and identification services since 1956 and provides services that NADF feels to be the best choice for people with adrenal insufficiency.

A Medic Alert ID bracelet is an internationally recognized symbol that emergency responders are trained to look for on an unconscious person.

  • The back of the emblem is inscribed with the most important basic information:
    > names of diseases the wearer has and/or
    > necessary treatment in an emergency.
  • The emblem also carries the 24/7 MedicAlert Emergency response Service Center phone number for responders to call MedicAlert if they need more information.

Emergency responders can call the number and are given the person’s vital information over the phone, including: name, address, emergency contact names and phone numbers, physician name and contact information, and a list of medications and allergies.

A NADF member from Northern California recently shared her story at a support group meeting, stating “My Medic Alert bracelet saved my life once when I was traveling abroad. Even though my husband and I didn’t speak the language, the doctor at the hospital recognized my bracelet and was able to call and get my vital information. Now, I never take my bracelet off.”

The ID’s come in both a pendent and a bracelet form, in a variety of sizes and designs. For pricing and selection, please visit the MedicAlert® Foundation website at www.medicalert.org or call the MedicAlert® Foundation at 1-800-432-5378.

Invest in your safety, security and peace of mind – today! This is not an advertisement for MedicAlert – In our opinion, this is a primary tool for your safety.

Medic Alert Foundation 1-800-432-5378   www.medicalert.org